MFA Microwave Absorbers

Feedpool Technology's electronic materials division is making the High-loss dielectric absorbers with several loss levels(MFA Microwave Absorbers), Absorbing materials made from bulk resistive polyurethane foam which is provides the highest broad band performance(FTA Pyramidal Absorbers) and high loss, high resistance, minimal reflection, elastomeric absorbers(RTS Microwave Absorbers).

Feedpool Technology manufactures a series of rubber broadband absorber for use at various bands.These absorbers are typically manufactured from neoprene or urethane elastomers. These materials have been widespread use on applications requiring broadband performance in a limited space.

Feedpool Technology manufactures various sizes of Pyramidal Microwave Absorber that provides broadband attenuation in high power applications. This combination of properties makes it an excellent choice for use in test chambers, antenna couplers, and antenna ranges where the standard foam pyramidal is not appropriate. Additionally, this product can provide strength and stability in areas where mechanical properties are essential.

Feedpool Technology's EMI/RF product series

1. MFA Microwave Absorber (High Loss Dielectric)

2. FTA Pyramidal Absorber (Polyurethane Foam Pyramidal)

3. RTS Microwave Absorber




MFA Microwave Absorber

(High-Loss Dielectric)


依不同頻率而設計不同之厚度.(厚度自3.5mm至11.0mm),且廣泛適用於X Band, Ku Band, L Band, S Band及C Band. 其標準尺寸為 60cm x 60cm x 厚度(3.5mm至11.0mm).(尺寸可依客戶要求提供).

其用途為電子通訊系統,衛星接收器,航空通訊器材系統等..如.LNB, VSAT….

Typical Specifications:





MFA Microwave Absorber

(High-Loss Dielectric)


MFA is a series of high-loss dielectric absorbers with several loss levels which can be tuned base on the filler loading or thickness. The materials are flexible open-cell foams, and normally provided in 60cm X 60 cm sheets with thickness in the range of 3.5mm to 11 mm.


Surface wave and reflectivity reduction for wave guide, Coxial terminations and attenuators, etc

EMI Suppression for electronic systems. (Such as LNB)

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