Quartz Ball Lens


Quartz Ball Lens


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Quartz Ball Lens 소개

Quartz (fused silica), with low coefficient of thermal expansion, has high transmissivity for 200nm through 2.2μm, so it is an ideal material in the most difficult area of ball lens application in the spectrum of ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared rays.

Ball lens is used as an object lens for endoscope and bar code scanning and serves an effective material for hemispherical lens.

COMA's ultra precision ball lens realizes the dimension tolerance of (+/-)1μm stably and is used as part of ultra precision bearing in semiconductor industry and ultramodern industry sectors.

For the diameter of 0.5 mm through 10 mm mass production is available anytime and whatever dimension is possible to be produced to order.


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Diverse optical products such as ball lens, hemispherical lens, cylindrical lens, prism, etc. are possible to be produced.

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