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Sapphire Window, with its strong chemical resistance, high strength and high penetrability, is used for not only the semiconductor process chambers but also many other high-degree vacuum applications.

Recently in the difficult high-degree vacuum area, sapphire windows are rapidly replacing quartz windows.

Especially in the strong etching process using NF3 and CF4 gas the quartz window surface gets blurred and rapidly etched. This etched quartz window can be undercut or damage sealing to reduce the lifetime.

Thus the lifetime of quartz window could be substantially limited but in most cases sapphire window can be used indefinitely.

COMA Technology Co., Ltd. assures top quality and resonable prices through the experience of making sapphire windows for various fields.

COMA Technology Co., Ltd. aims at being the global No. 1 company for sapphire windows (viewports). Experience the top quality for most competitive prices compared with any other companies.


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