Electronic Control and Maintenance


Electronic control and maintenance

Professional electronic control repair manufacturers, independent maintenance technology, specializing in various types of electronic control products maintenance; projects cover power supply, circuit boards, controllers, industrial computers, servo controllers, light boxes, uninterruptible power systems, laser products.

● Various power supply Power Supply repair

USHIO Power supply, AP plasma power supply, LAMBDA Alpha 600 power, Nikon ms imd power supply, EUV Lamp power supply, YASKAWA Power supply, Nikon Hg-Lamp power supply, Yuasa AGV Charge power, and the like.


USHIO Power Supply AP Plasma Power Supply
HG-Lamp Power Supply EUV Lamp Power Supply
● Various circuit board PCB repair
Mitsubishi man-machine interface motherboard, Zygo Laser PCB, temperature control module PCB, SHINKO PCB, MURATEC PCB, I/O Board, IL MV PCB industrial computer motherboard.

● Various controllers
NDC ACC70, Mitsubishi Programmable Controller, Mitsubishi PLCOMRON ID Controller, OMRON Vision Controller, etc.

NDC ACC70 OMRON Vision Controller
● Various industrial computers Industrial Computer maintenance
TOSHIBA industrial mainframe, DELL industrial computer, VAS mainframe, ADLINK industrial computer, IEI industrial computer, NEXCOM PC, IBT industrial tablet, etc.

Industrial computer IBT Industrial Tablet
● Various servo Servo Driver repairs
MITSUBSHI Driver, Justek Drive, FSA150, HARMONIC Driver, Panasonic Driver, SANYO Driver, YOKOGAWA Driver, YASKAWA Driver, etc.

● Various light boxes Lamp House repair
MEJIR0, SUMITA, HOYA-SCHOTT, A0I-tech light boxes, etc.

MEJIRO light box SUMITA light box
● Various LCD panel Panel repair
MITSUBISHI Human Machine Interface, Yamatake Human Machine Interface, Kamioka Touch Panel, DYNAPRO Monitor, Proface touch panel, PATLITE Touch Panel

LCD panel SHARP touch panel
● Various UPS uninterruptible system maintenance

APC Smart-UPS Uninterruptible Power System
● Laser product repair
AGV unmanned vehicle laser scanner, engraved machine laser head, positioning laser head, laser repair machine laser group, etc.
Laser Scanner, ZYGO Laser Head, QUANTEL ULTRA Laser Power, Edgewave Laser

Laser Scanner ZYGO positioning laser head 7714 Agilent positioning laser head

Marking machine laser head Edgewave laser
● Various valve parts Valve repair
CKD valve, CVA valve, ISO valve, SMC valve, HISAKA ball valve, Angle valve, etc.

CKD Valve CVA Valve SKY ISO Valve
HISAKA ball valve Angle Valve
● Reducer Repairer Repair
SHIMPO, SUMITOMO reducer, etc.

SHIMPO reducer SUMITOMO reducer
● Various motor Motor repairs
MITSUBISHI, SANYO, NEC, YASKAWA, Oriental Motor Motor, etc.

Mitsubishi Motor SANYO Motor
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