OEM Components


There is a lot to consider when designing a robotic wafer handling system. H-Square Automation brings experience providing state-of-the-art OEM component parts for even the most demanding substrate handling applications. Let our team show you how to succeed in your project.

The SCARA robots uniquely combine innovative mechanical design with user friendly, proprietary motion control software, to bring you the next generation of material handling robots.

Four independently driven axes provide adaptability and flexibility not possible with 3-axis, R-Theta robot designs. Each of the three individual Theta axes rotates +/- 320°, eliminating “dead zones” common with R-Theta robots.

- 300mm FOUPs compliant with SEMI E47.1 and E62
- 200mm cassette with adapter
- Detects presence of two wafers in single slot. Details available on request.

3.5 second high speed aligning with ± 25um / ± 0.01 ° accuracy; works best with up to 12mm wafer displacement handled by vacuum end effector; non-contact vortex chuck grip while centered by SoftTouch three edge gripping tips; mark-free 3 ESD small ( Ø 3.5mm) suction cups and Kalrez resting pads for notch finding; drop-in replacement: Identical form factor and command emulated for BROOKS/PRI/EQUIP PRE-300/PRE-200

Handles: standard, bonded, Taiko, thin, warped, transparent and other fragile wafers

The SoftTouch mechanism with programmable gripping force enables the gripping tips to gently touch (hug) wafers. Wafers are held with the programmed constant gripping force. With its closed loop force-feedback, the mechanism prevents wafer stress while holding the wafer gently and securely.

Handles: standard, bonded, Taiko, thin, warped, transparent and other fragile wafers

Automatic M200 (200mm cassette) and RSP200 (reticle) SMIF openers provide easy access to substrates stored inside minienvironment pods. H-Square’s automated openers unlock, open and store the pod lid with minimal operator involvement. Simple one button operation. Openers are compatible with standard M200 and RSP200 pod designs. Smooth, reliable lift automation for reliability and cleanliness. For the SMIFPO8 (M200) version please specify the desired orientation of the pod when ordering.

Used as durable, shatterproof replacements for semiconductor wafers in training, robotic calibration, particle shield, identification, and equipment demonstrations. Mock wafers are precision manufactured from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy. Each wafer is chemically etched and heat-treated to improve flatness and surface hardness and durability. Mock wafers are available bare aluminum or hard clear (HC) anodized.

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