High Purity Materials


KFMI is a Chinese high-tech company founded in 2005 by a group of highly-educated oversea returnees and foreign experts. KFMI is specialized in developing and manufacturing ultra-high purity metal materials and sputtering targets for the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries.

High-Purity Materials

Raw Material Introduction

High-Purity Cu (Purity: 99.99%)

No hydrogen embrittlement, High conductivity, Good properties in processing/ welding/ corrosion resistance and cryogenic temperature

Mainly applicable toused for sputtering target, anode, solar product, audio device, vacuum electron device and cable etc.


Impurity Element Spec:

Low deformation resistance, high conductivity and good plasticity

Widely applicable to scientific research, electronic industry, chemical industry, and used to manufacture high-purity alloy, laser materials targets and other special applications

Round ingot and square shape ingots are both available base on customer’s demands.


Impurity Element Spec:

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