IC Photoresist


IC Photoresists

KMP DK1080 is a DUV resist used in implant layer.


KMP C6111 series photoresist are I-line positive photoresist with film thickness around 5um. It was designed for metal PAD layer and DNW implant layer. This series of photoresist have faster photospeed, good thermal stability, and large process window, suitable for integrated circuit manufacturing process. It also shows good ETCH and implant resistance and can be removed by common remover, have been widely used in the domestic main integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises.


KMP C7500 series photoresist is a high resolution I-line photoresist with a unique resin structure and high resolution sensitizer, which can achieve a resolution of 0.35um at 0.75um film thickness. The series of photoresists have different viscosities, and the film thickness ranges from 0.5 to 2.0 um. It has the advantages of fast photospeed, high resolution and large process window, and is suitable for high resolution requirements in integrated circuit manufacturing processes. The i-line layer has been widely used in domestic advanced integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises.


KMP C8300 series photoresist is a I line photoresist with high heat resistance and high etch resistance. It adopts a unique resin structure and a formula system. It can keep the same shape when baking at 140 degrees centigrade. The series of photoresist have different viscosity. The range of film thickness for 1.0-4.0um and resolution of 0.6um. Also has photographic speed, high resolution and process window and other advantages, suitable for integrated circuit manufacturing process of implant, metal layers. has been widely commercial in the domestic main integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises.

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