LCD Targets


KFMI is a Chinese high-tech company founded in 2005 by a group of highly-educated oversea returnees and foreign experts. KFMI is specialized in developing and manufacturing ultra-high purity metal materials and sputtering targets for the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries.

LCD Targets

1. High purity Al, Cu Mo targets for G4.5, G5, G5.5, G6 and G8.5

KFMI is the first company in China to manufacture and sell all types of high purity metal sputtering target and spare parts for the large screen Liquid Crystal Display. We provide the market with various targets for different generations (G4.5 – G8.5), dimensions (T16 & T18 etc.) and materials (Al, Cu & Mo) with strong R&D capability, technical support and advanced production management system. KFMI targets have been applied to all leading TFT-LCD fabs, and it can be compliant with strict requirements from different customers on dimension, grain size and appearances.

2. Shield plate for PVD and liquid crystal glass handing parts for CFRP

High-strength Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics has advantage of light weight, high strength and good abrasion resistance. KFMI is the only qualified Chinese manufacturer supplying CFRP robot arm for large glass transmission. With support of our strong machining capability, KFMI is now in mass production for all kinds of PVD parts, such as shield plate, at the mainstream LCD fabs.

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