Monitoring System


Monitoring System

For all kinds of machine systems in semiconductor, LCD panel and optoelectronic industry, the monitoring system is designed in the form of “plug-in” sensor, designed according to the requirements of the client, and monitored without affecting the operation of the machine system.

● It can be connected with CIM, let the user use the remote control function to query the Office Connection Server and upload the data to SPC or FDC.

● The machine monitoring project includes vibration, speed, pressure, flow and temperature monitoring.


Vibration monitoring system

  • • After the Vibration Sensor is installed, use a computer for FFT conversion (Fourier Transform) to find the vibration characteristic value of this pump (or device).
    • Write the vibration signature value to the Sensor and the Sensor will send the vibration signature value to the Signal Converter after each measurement.
    • The Signal Converter organizes the vibration signature values ​​and sends them to the FDC via a ring network.
    • After the PC writes the vibration signature value to the Sensor, it can be removed.

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