Porous Ceramic


Porous Ceramic


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Porous ceramic is a ceramic of which the material itself has numerous pores by the ceramic sintering technology and is used for a vacuum chuck.

Recently it is widely used as a basic material for various industrial products like filters, refractories, kiln furnitures, absorbers, acoustic absorbents, light weight structural materials, adiabatic materials, etc.

Especially it is applied for the vacuum absorption technology with high precision and high performance to absorb ultra thin objects which is required recently for production of semiconductor, LED and display.

It is very important for porous ceramic to have high porosity and maintain high strength. Especially in the area of semiconductor and display industry recently rising as an issue, porous ceramic should have even porosity and good surface roughness not to damage the object to absorb.

It is good for porous ceramic to have high porosity but the higher the porosity is, the lower the material strength gets. In addition, when pore density is low the porosity gets lower or the pore size gets bigger at the same porosity. So the material with low pore density also has lower strength.

COMA Technology Co., Ltd. solves such problems and designs and produces most suitable products for the relevant application environment.


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