Tin-Lead Solder Sphere


Solder Sphere (Tin Lead)

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☆ Manufactured from alloy and BGA Solder Ball, and R & D per customer needs.
☆ self-developed patent production equipment, can produce 0.06mm~0.76mm high quality BGA solder ball, suitable for semiconductor and related industries for packaging.
☆ Packaging material using anti-static material, static electricity can be attached to avoid the bottle, resulting in the use of distress.


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Product Specification/ Packing Method


Low Alpha Solder: we can provide various of low alpha level product. Alpha particles <0.01 cph/cm2 , <0.002 cph/cm2, <0.001 cph/cm2
Patent No:

<1>If need product information or other materials and sizes, please call me we will provide the relevant document or information.
<2>Some Alloys / Diameters are subjected to MOQ or special production cost.



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